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A must for chocoholics!

Silky, rich and indulgent deep chocolatey filled cookie pies encased in our
deliciously sweet vanilla cookie crust.

Our deep filled pies can be personalised with a stamp deoration or fondant topper.

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large:


Small - baked in a 4" (10cm) circular tin. As it's so rich and filling, it serves approx. 2-4.


Medium - baked in a 6" (15cm) circular tin. An ideal size for a family to share. Serves approx 6-10.

Large - baked in an 8" (20cm) circular tin and weights approximately 2kg, so it's a bit of a beast! This pie serves approximately 12-18 people and is ideal for a celebration.   


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Easy to slice and just as easy on the eye!

Easy to slice cookie pies filled with the chocolate of your choice and encased in our
deliciously sweet vanilla cookie crust.

One size: 18cm x 9cm (approximately 8 servings)  



The best of both worlds!

Delicious cookie base, gooey brownie and your choice of filling in the middle.

Box of 9

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